February 12, 2006 | Mark Paradies

What are the 10 Best Sessions at the TapRooT(R) Summit? VOTE HERE!

To answer this question, please look at the Summit web site and scroll through the various tracks at:


Then I would like you to comment on this e-mail and let me know what you think are the 10 best sessions (the ones you would most like to attend).

Of course voting on this is very difficult for me. I’m the one who scheduled ALL the sessions. And I will be giving several sessions.

So first let me say that I am not voting for my own sessions (modesty?) and I had a hard time picking the following but here are my 10 Best (not in any particular order):

1. In the Company of Heroes, Mike Durant, Blackhawk Down Pilot.


For the rest, click below.

2. Rewards, The Secret of Success, Bob Nelson, Guru of Rewards.


3. Analyzing Fatigue as a Cause of Errors, Bill Sirois, VP, Circadian Technologies

4. Zero Accidents – Best Practices to Attain Outstanding Safety Performance, Thaddeus Allen, Fluor Corporation

5. TapRooT(R) User Best Practices, Linda Unger & TapRooT(R) Users.

6. Best Practices from the Baldrige National Quality Award, Kevin McManus, President, Great Systems!

7. Establishing a Just Culture/No Blame Environment for More Effective Investigations, Jim Whiting, Principal, risk@workplaces, Australia

8. Case Study: Connecting Root Cause Analysis to Maintenance Management, Wayne Reed, SKF

9. Regulatory Investigations: a) Lessons Learned from Fatalities, Steve Hawkins, Assistant Administrator, TN OSHA; b) BP Texas City Refinery Explosion Investigation, Mark Kaszniak, Chemical Incident Investigator, CSB

10. Linking Your TapRooT(R) Software to Other Databases, Frank Garcia, Persistech

That was tough! There are at least another 10 sessions that I would really like to put in my list!

And when I looked through my top ten and the Summit schedule I realized that I had three different conflicts (sessions being offered at the same time).

What can I do? Cloning is out of the question (it is unethical in the US). So I guess I will do what others have to do … make sure that someone else from my company attends the sessions that I really want to attend but have a conflict with.

But I still have to try to decide which ones I am going to see and which ones I will get a second hand report from. And I also have to present two session.

Please vote on your favorites… This will help me decide what type of sessions to include in future Summits.



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