June 29, 2010 | Mark Paradies

What Color is Your TapRooT® Book?

I had a TapRooT® User call me and ask a question about finding root causes using TapRooT® in an investigation. I said, “That’s covered in  Chapter 3 of the TapRooT® Book.

He said, “I tried looking in the book and didn’t see anything.

I looked up the page number and gave it to him. He replied, more puzzled, “I still don’t see it.

That’s when I realized we weren’t talking about the same book. I asked, “What color is your book?” He answered, “Sort of a cream color.

It was the old 1996 three ring binder version!

He was two versions behind the times!

More than 12 years out of date.

He promised to upgrade.

How about you?

If your TapRooT® Book has a green cover, you are using the 2000 version. You’re eight years behind the 2008 TapRooT® Book.

Next, check your Dictionary and Tree. Make sure they are the 2007 version.

Also, do you have the spiral bound Corrective Action Helper® Guide?

It’s always amazing to me that people would get so out of date with a technology that is so important to performance improvement.


Get the latest knowledge. Upgrade to the BLACK 2008 TapRooT® Book. We are busy producing the second printing (almost 20,000 sold). It will be around for a long time.

Call 865-539-2139 to order yours or go to the TapRooT® Store.

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