September 22, 2020 | Susan Napier-Sewell

What does a bad day look like?

“A few Miami Beach motorists got a slimy surprise on Monday when they parked their cars in a parking garage along South Beach and an octopus reportedly popped out of a drainage system to greet them.

“‘Yeah, it’s possible whenever you have flooding from below as well as flooding from above,’ meteorologist James Thomas with the National Weather Service in Miami told Patch on Tuesday. ‘Due to the flooding underground or underground systems, as the tide rises you could have sea creatures making their way through the system (and) through pipelines.’

“The octopus most likely took advantage of the so-called king tides that South Florida has been experiencing this week to come ashore. Reports said that the sea critter was later scooped up and placed in the bay by a security guard.”

From, Miami Beach Parking Garage Gets Octopus Surprise.  

What Does a Bad Day Look Like?
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