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I subscribe to many e-mail discussion sessions and I came across an e-mail that I thought might interest people reading this blog. The e-mail described a rating system based on a severity of falls at a hospital. They rated the severity in the following way:

0 = No injury ……No injuries resulting from the event

1 = Minor…………Drsg,ice OTC med,sore/abrased/red,observation

2 = Moderate ……Suture.steri strip/glue,splint,add’l care/monitor

3 = Major…………Surgery,cast,consult,+ diag. tests,ext. stay,ED

4 = Catastrophic…Permanent,severe injury;increased morbidity

5 = Death…………Pt. dies as a result of the injury

6 = Misc.…………Just in case it does not fall into the others

The TapRooT(R) Book also shows a scale built into the sample investigation policy in Appendix A of the book that has safety, environmental, production loss, and quality scales for rating incidents and deciding what level of investigation is needed for the consequences of the incident.

So the e-mail rating scale above got me thinking. It would be really interesting to see the different severity scales that people use in different industries.

So I have made this entry and people can respond with their severity/rating scale for incidents.

Simply add your rating system by posting a comment. I think this will develop into a very interesting list.

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