April 22, 2008 | Mark Paradies

What to Do if Your Company Prohibits Travel to Las Vegas and You Want to Attend the Summit

Company travel policies are strange.

For example, some companies don’t allow travel to Las Vegas for conventions or meetings.

Why? The only answers that I’ve heard is that these companies believe that employees won’t work (or learn) in the “What Happens in vegas Stays in Vegas” environment that is portrayed on TV.

We’ve had courses in Las Vegas for years and can report that students who attend there learn just as well as students in other venues. But that still doesn’t satisfy some corporate policy makers.

So here is a new idea…

If your corporate travel approval team says no travel to Vegas … suggest that you attend with a chaperone. Ask your boss to attend with you to make sure that you both spend your work time productively learning all the best practices available at the Summit.

The two of you can make plans for developing your improvement program at the “Planning Your Improvements” session on Friday of the Summit.

Policies shouldn’t stand in the way of improvement. Don’t let an arbitrary rule stop the progress of your improvement program. get signed up for the Summit NOW!

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