July 27, 2009 | Barb Carr

What’s Your Equipment Troubleshooting Method?

Does this sound familiar?

  • If the equipment operates inefficiently, create a work-around.
  • Wait and see if the equipment problem gets so bad the work-around is too hard to work-around.
  • Replace each part until the equipment is running again.
  • Order a new piece of equipment if replacing each part doesn’t work.

If you are relying on troubleshooting methods that are making your work days more difficult than they need to be, maybe it’s time to abandon the guesswork for a more successful systematic approach.

Expert professional equipment troubleshooters solve problems successfully. The result of their efforts is not only a piece of equipment that works after repairs, but a piece of equipment that is better than it was.

Register for the 2009 TapRooT® Summit Equipment Realiability Track, and learn cutting-edge equipment reliability improvement ideas so you are not dealing with the same equipment headaches over and over again.

Tim Thompson, Reliability Supervisor at Marathon Oil Company, is one of the expert professionals reviewing reliability management strategies to improve profitability on our Equipment Reliability Track. His talk will include these hot topics: shifting from reactive to proactive maintenance, using OSHA’s Process Safety Standard as a foundation for your reliability program, leveraging expertise, and managing vital equipment information.


Tim has 30 years of refining experience for Marathon Petroleum Company in Engineering, Operations, and Maintenance. Since 2002, his primary focus has been reliability improvement at the Illinois Refining Division and as the leader of the corporate Reliability Advisory Group. Tim was instrumental in developing Marathon’s Mechanical Integrity Program and Equipment Reliability Best Practice. He now serves as the Reliability Supervisor at the Detroit Refinery, currently enhancing their reliability programs prior to the 2012 planned expansion.

Learn more about the comprehensive Equipment Reliability Track at the October Summit in Nashville, Tennessee by viewing the track schedule (Click the “Equipment Reliability and Maintenance” radio button on the left side of the page): http://www.taproot.com/summit.php?t=schedule

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