June 29, 2010 | Barb Carr

When is the last time you have Experienced Riyadh, Saudi Arabia?

While this was my third tour to Saudi Arabia, this was my first true Saudi Culture experience while in Riyadh. My first two trips were with the United States Air Force for two tours of duty. These pictures are posted with great appreciation to the employees (my friends) from the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.

Sam 0017

Img 0633 Img 0637-1

Until recently, skyscrapers were not allowed to be built (a night time picture from the skybridge)…..

Sam 0067 Sam 0071-1

Sam 0074 Sam 0077
Experiencing Authentic Arabic Cuisine

Sam 0085 Sam 0034-1
History of and formation of a Unified Saudi Arabia
Sam 0023 Sam 0048

Sam 0050 Sam 0060

The first Medical Devices in Saudi Arabia
Sam 0028 Sam 0027

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