July 8, 2019 | Susan Napier-Sewell

When a Plane Lands . . . or Not

A Flight Can Go From Smooth to the Unexpected in Seconds


After a smooth flight from Dubai to Newcastle, Emirates flight EK35 turned into one of the most frightening traumas a passenger can experience. The Boeing 777 A6-EBX was cleared for landing on runway 25 at Newcastle Airport on the morning of November 29, 2018. On approach, the aircraft appeared to wobble from gusts of considerable crosswinds, then attempted a sideways maneuver to counteract wind gusts. An intensely hard landing followed, with spoilers deployed.

What happened next is a rare occurrence

In the face of an unstable aircraft due to heavy crosswinds, the pilots—rather than engage rear thrust—powered the engines and lifted up to attempt a second go-around.

Watch what happened

The Emirates flight takes off again after abandoning the first landing. Jonathan Winton/YouTube.

After the second and safe landing, an inspection of the aircraft yielded no damage found. The plane departed from Newcastle to Dubai a mere 45 minutes later than scheduled.

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