July 28, 2020 | Mark Paradies

When/Where is Root Cause Analysis Training in USA/CANADA?

When is root cause analysis training?

Schedule Your Public Root Cause Analysis Training NOW!

We know that saving lives, preventing injuries, improving quality, reducing equipment failures, and stopping human errors are important items on your “To Do” list. COVID has slowed down many companies’ plans to improve performance by implementing advanced root cause analysis. You may have been planning to attend one of our public TapRooT® Courses, but couldn’t because of shelter in place orders or travel restrictions. But the economy is restarting and NOW is the time to start thinking about attending TapRooT® Training.

How can we help? We have scheduled a limited number of public TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Courses at sites around the USA and Canada. Here is our current USA/CANADA schedule for the next three months:

[Registration closed for these courses..]

How COVID Affects TapRooT® Training

Because of the changing local COVID restrictions, we may have to reschedule one or more of these courses. However, be assured that you can always transfer to a different course, be first in line when the course is rescheduled, or get a full refund if we are forced to reschedule.

What are we doing to reduce the risk of catching COVID in our courses? Watch Benna and Ken discuss what we are doing in this video…

For the complete, worldwide schedule of TapRooT® Courses, see:


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  • Trevor Hauk says:

    I notice you have a lot of courses for 5-Day TapRooT® Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader Training in Western Canada over the next year, but nothing in Eastern Canada/Toronto area. Is this something that will be happening at any time in the near future?

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