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Summit Tracks: Pick One That YOU Should Attend

Summit Tracks

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Summit Tracks: Early in the development of the TapRooT® Summit, we decided to organize the Summit into topical “tracks.” Each track includes best practice breakout sessions organized around the track topic.

The 2020 Global TapRooT® Summit includes these topical tracks:

  • Improving Investigations
  • Improving Human Performance
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Achieving Excellence and Reliability
  • Improving Safety and Managing Risk
  • Becoming a Better Certified Instructor

An example of the topics in a track are these best practice breakouts in the Improving Investigations Track:

  • How to Improve Your Investigations
  • Using Causal Factor Worksheets
  • Leveraging the TapRooT® Software and App for Investigations
  • TapRooT® User Success Stories
  • Becoming a Better Investigator
  • CHAP Workshop
  • Where Does Discipline Fit In During Investigations
  • Roadmap to Success

See All the Summit Tracks

Where can you see all the Summit Tracks? Here is a link…


The link shows all the sessions or you can use the “Track” menu to pick just one track to view.

See the Details About Each Session

If you click on a best practice session title on the schedule, it will show the details about that session including a session description and pictures of the presenters/facilitators.

Track Description Videos

As the Summit gets closer, we will post videos about each track to let you know more about what is planned. Here are the first two that we have posted…

Improving Safety and Managing Risk

Improving Human Performance

Catch all the episodes of TapRooT® TV (that include these Summit track previews) at:


When and Where is the 2020 Global TapRooT® Summit Being Held?

When? March 9-13

Where? The Horseshoe Bay Resort near Austin, Texas

See more about the venue here:


General Summit Information

This is an early video where Benna and Mark provide general information about the Summit including how to customize your schedule by picking best practice sessions from multiple tracks…

How To Register

1. Click on the link below…


2. Fill in your contact information.

3. Pick a track on the “Select a Track” menu and customize your sessions using the pulldown menus.

4. Pick the pre-Summit Course that you want to attend.

5. Provide your payment information.

6. Confirm your registration details.

Watch this video for a step by step tutorial…

If you want to register a team (multiple attendees) you can do that too (just have all their information available when you start the process). Or, if you want help getting your team registered, call our office at 865-539-2139.

What Will My 2020 Summit Experience Be Like?

Here is a video about the 2019 Summit. The 2020 Summit will be even better!

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