November 6, 2018 | Mark Paradies

Who are the Keynote Speakers at the 2019 Global TapRooT® Summit?

Let’s start with the closing speaker – Spencer Stone.


He was one of the three heroes that stopped a terrorist train attack in France. He risked his life to save the lives of others and prevented multiple fatalities. Read about his efforts HERE.

What is his talk?

Don’t Be a Bystander: Be the Spark that Ignites Change!

He is the closing speaker so make your travel plans so that you can see his talk on Friday from 10:50 – 12.


Next is another amazing speaker – Candace Carnahan. She speaks with passion from experience as a survivor of a workplace accident that resulted in the amputation of her lower left leg. Some would be left bitter or depressed from this experience. But Candace felt compelled to share her story and help others prevent workplace injuries. Her talk – It Could Happen to You – does more than inspire people to improve safety. Her energy and enthusiasm will help all Summit participant go back to work to redouble their performance improvement efforts. Candace is speaking on Thursday from 4-5.

And speaking of performance improvement … would you like to learn secrets from an astronaut who:

  • flew off a carrier deck and was a Navy test Pilot
  • was an Astronaut with six shuttle missions
  • was Director of Flight Crew Operations at NASA with the mission to improve flight and ground safety
  • was chosen to be a Safety Operation Auditor for BP America and VP for Operations Leadership at BP.


Jim Wetherbee will share lessons from his extensive experience in his talk:

Controlling Risk in a Dangerous World

 Plus, participants will get a copy of Jim’s book: Controlling Risk: Thirty Techniques for Operating Excellence.

Jim will help open the Summit speaking from 9 -10 on Wednesday.

What’s next? A Summit favorite. Carl Dixon.


Carl, a rock star, will share the story of his life: From Calamity to Success.

Carl scored his first record deal in the 80s with Coney Hatch, The videos played on MTV 
as Coney Hatch toured across North America as opener for Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and many more. His music career took him on the highs and lows of rock n roll through
 the 90s, and into the new millennium. While lead singer of The Guess Who, Carl almost died in a car accident in Australia in 2008
 where he sustained 52 injuries. His remarkable comeback from death’s door changed his life – for the better! He will share his story of an accident and his philosophy of recovery when he talks on Wednesday from 4 to 5. Also, he will provide the entertainment for the reception on Wednesday night.

And finally, Mark Paradies, President of System Improvements will share his insights into fatal accidents in his talk: Decisions that Get People Killed.


Most fatal industrial accidents are the result of a bad decision. But the decision that you might be thinking of, taking a shortcut in the field, is not the decision that is the focus of this talk. Attend Mark’s talk from 9-10 on Thursday and get new ideas to stop fatalities at your company.

That’s the complete list of the amazing keynote speakers at the Global TapRooT® Summit. But it is just the start of what you will learn when you attend the Summit. See the complete Summit schedule at:

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