August 11, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Who is the Most Valuable Person You Will Meet at the TapRooT® Summit?

Don’t think that you can answer the question above. YOU CAN’T.

Let me explain by relating my own experience…

I’ve organized and attended every Summit since 1994. Each year I schedule speakers that I really want to hear and topics that are very important to me. Yet each year the most valuable person that I meet at the Summit IS NOT one of the people that I’ve planned to meet.

Don’t get me wrong. The speakers and sessions are great. I could go on-and-on about them.

But they were not the most valuable thing that I took away.

What was?

In every case it was a best practice or a lesson learned from someone that I previously didn’t know and, therefore, never could have planned to meet.

They were TapRooT® Users that shared their knowledge and helped everyone see how to do things better. Better:

  • root cause analysis
  • safety/process safety/safety management
  • risk management
  • patient safety
  • equipment reliability
  • operations excellence
  • corrective action programs
  • TapRooT® implementation

This sharing of best practices is a built-n, planned part of the Summit that makes the Summit a unique gathering. As one attendee told me:

“It’s the networking that is the most valuable part of the Summit.
I’ve met some of the world’s premier safety professionals and
performance improvement experts during these three days.
The contacts I’ve gained and the lessons I’ve learned just from
networking make every dime of the Summit fee worthwhile.”

If you’ve never been to a Summit, the level of best practice sharing and making of new, valuable contacts is hard to describe because it is so different from other conferences that you might have attended. We work to make meeting new people not only possible, but fun. It starts at the opening session and it continues through the final charity golf tournament.

So forget about travel restrictions and training bans. You need to be at the Summit to get the next big idea that will take performance at your facility to the next level.

To find out more about the Summit, see:

and scroll to the bottom of the page to see video comments from past Summit attendees.

To register, see:

Here are some comments from Summit attendees about their networking experience…

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