October 9, 2020 | Barb Carr

Work-Life Balance Track at the 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit

Some people think that work-life balance is simply a math equation – spending equal amounts of time between achievement at work and pursuing enjoyable personal interests. That idea is not realistic, and is also not rewarding.

Time spent working and pursuing personal interests vary over time, and can’t be strictly measured. The time divided between the two may even vary daily! And, it’s different for all of us because we have different priorities. For example, some of us are just getting started in our careers, some of us are carving out more time to spend with children, others are thinking about retirement.

So, work-life balance is not a math equation. but there is a science to it. Every day, have a plan of achievement (work) and enjoyment (life). True contentment in life comes from the full value of *both* work and life.

At the Global TapRooT® Summit, we have a best practice track dedicated to helping you achieve better work-life balance.  The goal is to help you see that happiness really isn’t a destination, but a way of life. We give you some tools to achieve that. We offer best practice sessions that will help you improve soft skills in the workplace, relationships, physical/emotional health and motivation.

Learn Best Practices for Better Work Life Balance

Global TapRooT® Summit attendees can choose to register for one of seven focused learning tracks or create a custom schedule of best practice sessions from several tracks.

Here are the best practice sessions scheduled in the Work/Life Balance Track in 2021:

  • Best Practice Session 1: Leading with Emotional Intelligence (Barb Carr)
  • Best Practice Session 2: Post Incident Care of Employees (Benna Hughes)
  • Best Practice Session 3: How to Survive & Thrive in TBI-Influenced Relationships (Kevin McManus and Althea Arnold)
  • Best Practice Session 4: Balancing Life & Work (Vincent Phipps)
  • Best Practice Session 5: Live your Core Values (Barb Carr)
  • Best Practice Session 6: Getting More Done in Less Time (Benna Hughes)
  • Best Practice Session 7: Well-Being & Your Body (Lori Frederic)

Register for the track, or pick the topics that interest you most and create a custom schedule. Mark your calendar and make plans to join us in 2021!

Global TapRooT® Summit

June 16 – 18, 2021 (Pre-Summit Courses June 14 – 15)

Knoxville, Tennessee


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