September 30, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Would the Government “Cook the Books” to Prove a Point?

An article posted on the web site “The Truth About Cars” claims that the UK Department of Transportations “proof” that their strategies, including the use of speed cameras, have been successful is based on bad statistics.


As Mark Twain quoted Disraeli:

“There are three kinds of lies:

– Lies,

– Damned lies, and

– Statistics.”

What do you think? Would people misclassify accidents or undercount statistics to make performance look better and prove their program was working?

What could you do to make sure your measurement system is accurate and your statistics weren’t telling false tales?

That’s part of the topics of the 2-Day Advanced Trending Techniques Course that is being held before the TapRooT® Summit next week. If you act fast. you can still register.

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