May 13, 2008 | Barb Carr

Would you call losing a customer an incident?

Why do I ask this you may wonder? In today’s world “keyword’s” help internet users find what they need…. sometimes. However, many times “keyword” searches limit your field of opportunities, regardless of what the meaning or purpose of the word may represent. So continuing down this train of thought, would you consider losing a customer an incident?

Oxford’s definition of Incident:

An event or occurrence : several amusing incidents.
• a violent event, such as a fracas or assault : one person was stabbed in the incident.
• a hostile clash between forces of rival countries.
• ( incident of) a case or instance of something happening : a single incident of rudeness does not support a finding of contemptuous conduct.
• the occurrence of dangerous or exciting things : the winter passed without incident.
• a distinct piece of action in a play or a poem.

The TapRooT® definition of Incident:
• The reason the investigation is being conducted and defines the investigation scope
• The incident usually the most serious event that took place

So would losing a customer be a “serious event”? What if you had a customer complaint and still have a chance to keep from losing the customer? I don’t know about you, but I want to keep my customers. By defining the possible loss of a customer as a significant incident what should your next step be? Think TapRooT®, a root cause analysis system and training that helps solve problems both reactively and proactively. The next step is to find out where to learn about TapRooT®:

1. TapRooT® Summit
If you want to learn how others in numerous industries have applied TapRooT® to resolve customer and product issues in oil refining, oil drilling, bio and medical manufacturing, medical care, aviation (service and manufacturing), nuclear regulatory agencies, engineering companies, chemical manufacturing, governmental agencies…. and numerous others, the TapRooT® Summit in June may be your answer. Click on Summit on to select a topic track that fits your business needs.

2. TapRooT® Public Courses

Meet other industries in a our public courses as you learn the way to perform a solid TapRooT® investigation for any type of incident. Click on Courses on for a location near you.

3. TapRooT® Onsite Courses

Let us come to your company and train your employees, supervisors, and managers in house. Call us at 865.539.2139 for quotes.

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