October 29, 2010 | Dave Janney

Yes, Solving Problems CAN be fun! (By the way, Where is Waldo?)

So it’s official – another successful TapRooT® summit is in the books.  Great speakers, great networking, and great attendees who want to improve performance in their organizations.  People from all over the world.  Safety People.  Environmental professionals.  Quality Managers.  Reliability Engineers.  Good people.

Everyone I talked to was really excited about the new tools and best practices they learned, but one of the things I think caught first-timers by surprise was just how much fun we had!  Here are some pictures from our costume party (attended by Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Bret Michaels, Nicki Mouse, the Diva Pumpkin, a few real witches, Carmen San Diego, Bob/Doug McKenzie, and the Devil himself/herself) as well as our advisory board dinner on the Riverwalk:

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