January 21, 2020 | Mark Paradies

Bring Your Managers to the Summit

Managers At the Summit

Your performance improvement program should support management’s goals. But to make goals and improvement opportunities come together, shouldn’t management be up to date on what performance improvement opportunities are out there?

What Would Managers Be Interested in at the Summit?

Keynote Speakers

First, there are several Keynote Speakers that should interest Plant Managers, Operations Managers, and Maintenance Managers. For example:

  • Listen to an astronaut (Jim Wetherbee) who was also a VP at BP talk about getting Senior Managers to Change.
  • Hear Frank Abagnale (from the movie Catch Me If You Can) talk about his life and the latest security risks that corporations face.
  • See Mark Paradies, President of System Improvements, talk about the progress companies are making in improving performance and present awards to industry leaders.
  • Learn about the ever-increasing criminalization of accidents and how managers have been personally charged for an accident at their plant.

Best Practice Session

The Keynote Speakers are just a start. There are six Best Practice Tracks focussed on:

  • Improving Human Performance
  • Improving Investigations
  • Achieving Excellence and Reliability
  • Improving Safety and Risk Management
  • Work/Life Ballance
  • Becoming a Better TapRooT® Certified Instructor

And the managers can pick from all six tracks to put together a set of talks that they are most interested in. For example:

  • Management Best Practice
  • What is Stopping Human Error all About?
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Lessons Learned from Space
  • Improving Your Manufacturing Process
  • Where Does Discipline Fit Into Investigations

There are 30 sessions to choose from, so that’s just a sample.

Great Networking/Benchmarking

Would your managers like to know what other industry leaders are doing to improve performance? Then they should attend these sessions:

  • Management best Practices
  • TapRoot® User Success Stories
  • Improving Your Manufacturing Process
  • TapRooT® Implementation Success

And participate in one of these best networking opportunities around, our exclusive “Name Game.”

A Great Location and Fun!

Nobody attends a Summit just for the location or fun but it doesn’t hurt … does it?

Where is the Summit? At the Horseshoe Bay Resort near Austin, TX. The location is one of our favorite places to hold the Summit and the time of year means we’ll have great weather to relax. The temperatures are normally between the lower 50°Fs for an average low at night and the middle 70°Fs for an average high during the day. And the rain forecast? A little too early to tell, but out on the range, the skies are not cloudy all day. And I’ve heard this is the time when the bluebells are in bloom.

carl Dixon

And for Fun we have the Wednesday night reception with Rock Star Carl Dixon providing the entertainment.

And schedule your managers for a round of golf on Friday afternoon…

Get Your Managers Registered Now!

Register three or more managers at the same time for the Summit and SAVE! Here are the potential discounts for multiple attendee discounts…

For more information see:


And CLICK HERE to register.

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