January 8, 2018 | Barb Carr

Caption Contest Winner!

Okay folks, this contest was supposed to be over a long time ago but you kept getting funnier and funnier and since I make the deadlines, I also break the deadlines. One thing I don’t have control over is who wins – I ask the staff here to vote on the winner and you all are so clever, it’s always a close contest.

And the winner of this caption contest is:

Wes H. with“Final warning, they’re OUR sandwiches!”

I admit that one hit home with me, Dennis, because I hate it when people eat my food!

But I also want to name TWO honorable mentions who came oh-so-close to winning:

“Bye Bye, Mr. Construction Guy…” (to the tune of American pie) ~ Steve K.

Very clever, Steve!

“We’ve got safety collared.” ~ Dennis Egginton

Great play on words, Dennis!

Thanks for playing along with us! Click the image below and have some fun with us on the new caption contest!

Click the image above to view and enter the current contest.

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