July 1, 2020 | Barb Carr

Cority’s Return to Work Kit Helps Navigate through Difficult Times

Our partner, Cority, offers the following message and resource for TapRooT® Friends.

COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it. With a whirlwind of information out there to consume to guide your organization’s pandemic response and timelines for requirements and regulations changing on what seems like an hourly basis, you’re not alone in feeling a bit overwhelmed.  With data showing positive signs that social distancing measures are beginning to reduce the number of infections and with governments lifting restrictions to enable businesses to reopen, your next objective is clear: ensure an efficient and orderly process for bringing your employees back to work while ensuring their health is protected.

To ensure your employees get back on the job safely, Cority’s certified occupational health, safety, infectious disease, and crisis management experts have created this resource kit to guide to help streamline your return to work process.

In the resource kit you’ll find:

Best Practice Guide: Getting Ready for Your Comeback – outlines key criteria to consider when creating your return to work program and best practices to ensure your employees can get back to work safely.

COVID-19 Return to Work Checklists – a collection of safety checklists designed to help you train employees on COVID-19, assess possible COVID-19 workplace hazards, and understand the difference between a respirator and a mask.

Manage Back to Work with Proven Software – outlines how Cority’s rapidly deployable, market-leading SaaS solution can help you mitigate risk and manage your post-peak COVID-19 recovery and return to work program with confidence and ease.

How myCority Helps Businesses Manage COVID-19 – outlines how Cority’s mobile solution can help empower your frontline workforce anytime, anywhere with access to critical information, and drive greater engagement in your organization’s pandemic response

Download the COVID-19 Return to Work Toolkit


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