November 4, 2020 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Does Your Senior Management Need an Executive Briefing & What is a Roadmap to Success? A TapRooT® TV Video Premiere

Has your company had a TapRooT® Executive Briefing and do you have an Implementation Roadmap? 

Do you know what they are and why they are so important to your organization’s performance and your TapRooT® program? These two things are important for you whether you are a beginner with TapRooT® and want to learn more, or perhaps you’ve been a TapRooT® user for years but you don’t know if your company is getting the full benefits from your TapRooT® system. Alex Paradies and Benna Hughes share with you in this TapRooT® TV video premiere (on Wednesdays at noon or as you wish to access it; see below) what executive briefings are and how a briefing can help your company achieve your improvement goals.

Let’s begin with companies just starting out . . . has your company been thinking about possibly inquiring into TapRooT® and you aren’t sure where to start?

An initial call and then an executive briefing is the perfect way to begin. Including your leadership at the beginning is very important to successfully implement TapRooT® in an effective and efficient manner. We want everyone on the same page. We want you to understand the methodology and what it looks like to have a successful TapRooT® program. Our goal is to partner with you from the beginning to ensure your success.

Next, is your company a current user of TapRooT®?

Let’s say you have had some team members who were trained and you all dust off your books and refresh yourself on TapRooT® quickly when something goes wrong.

Are you getting the most out of what TapRooT® has to offer? Maybe you use our software but you aren’t on the latest version? Did you know it has new features, such as the evidence collection app for your smartphone, grading your investigations to make sure you are doing the best investigations possible?

Do you have an incident management system you use along with TapRooT® software but are having to reenter your data because it’s two separate systems? Or you aren’t using TapRooT® software because you have an IMS and don’t think you need it? Do you have different departments or locations in your company utilizing other methodologies but you and your coworkers (or team) aren’t speaking the same RCA language?

Do your investigation policies reflect when you should do refresher training and what triggers an investigation and what level of training the investigator needs? Do you know about all the continuous improvement training we have? Are you having a hard time keeping your team proficient and ready to go when something occurs that needs investigating?  These are all things we can discuss with you in a Roadmap Call.

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Join us every week for the TapRooT® TV video premiere

The premiere of new TapRooT® TV videos on Wednesdays is at 12:00 pm, on Facebook and YouTube. You may also listen to the conversation on the TapRooT® podcast. Of course, you may always listen/watch at your convenience via these links, even if you miss the Wednesday premiere.Questions?

For more information on TapRooT® training, see

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