December 20, 2018 | Barb Carr

Evidence Collection and Interviewing Tip: Ensuring the Safety of your Investigative Team

When an incident occurs, you are not only tasked with keeping the workers in the area safe, but also your investigative team. In the rush to get started with evidence collection before clean-up occurs or fragile evidence goes away, it’s easy to forget hazards may still be present. It is essential to request guidance from the facility’s safety personnel if you are not familiar with the facility. Follow all established procedures and warning signs that the site personnel would follow.

Remember, if you reconstruct the incident for deeper understanding of what happened, make sure it doesn’t recreate the incident. Don’t operate valves, switches, or controls without a risk assessment. Make sure relevant isolations and permits to work in the area are in place.

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  • Gary Snyder says:

    Think of it as a crime scene. All four sides, top and bottom. Drone use, GPS, GIS data, google maps used.
    Document who went in and out of area, one way in and out scene,
    Document what was removed, log it, photo it. Date and time stamp pics.

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