January 28, 2023 | Mark Paradies

Free Root Cause Analysis Newsletter

Get Free Root Cause Analysis Knowledge

Would you like a quick shot of root cause analysis knowledge once a week? Something understandable but profound? Something with some humor as well as serious tips. And maybe a few pictures that you could use in toolbox meetings to get safety or quality improvement points across visually?

Root Cause Network™ Newsletter

Every week we produce a free newsletter about:

  • root cause analysis,
  • performance improvements,
  • accident prevention,
  • quality improvement,
  • equipment reliability improvement, and
  • achieving excellence.

We keep it short but interesting.

It’s great for refreshing your root cause analysis/TapRooT® knowledge.

Sometimes it will challenge your beliefs.

Sometimes you will want to forward it to senior management or your staff to challenge their beliefs.

It comes by e-mail on Tuesdays.

You can recommend it to others, and they can receive it for free too.

Where can you sign up for this newsletter to see what you are missing? The bottom of this page!

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