August 7, 2020 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Friday Joke: Everybody Loves Gargoyles, Right?


fun facts about gargoyles

  1. The world’s oldest gargoyle is located in Turkey. A 13,000-year-old stone crocodile found in what is now Turkey is considered to be the oldest gargoyle in existence.
  2. Throughout history, gargoyles were primarily used as waterspouts. Although the gnarled demon-dog-looking monstrosities that bedeck cathedrals throughout Europe serve a striking visual purpose, the reason they jut out from buildings with their mouths open is that they are nothing more than decorative waterspouts. Gargoyles were designed to protect buildings from water erosion. They are basically rain gutters with ugly faces.
  3. Although the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris was built during the Middle Ages, its famous gargoyles weren’t added until the 1800s. The screeching winged gargoyles at Notre Dame are perhaps the world’s most famous. But although the cathedral began construction in the year 1153, the gargoyles weren’t added until the 1800s—although the sculptor purposely deigned them so they’d look like they came from the Middle Ages.
  4. In ancient Egypt, gargoyles typically took the form of lions. Gargoyles served as drain spouts in ancient Egypt, most embodied in the shape of water-spewing lions.

Source: Thought Catalog

The gargoyle video is courtesy of TapRooT® User Jim Whiting. Thank you, Jim!

Have a growlingly great weekend!

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