January 14, 2021 | Susan Napier-Sewell

How far away is death?

Have you ever been through this tunnel in South Dakota?

Needle’s Eye has a tiny tunnel that appears on South Dakota Highway 87. The road has another name—also referred to as “Needle’s Highway.” The road itself isn’t too scary since it’s paved smoothly with beautiful roads and beautiful views on both sides.

However, the most important thing to remember is that not all vehicles will be able to fit through the tunnel. Trucks, RVs, and trailers will have to turn around if they find themselves in front of this tunnel. Even more so, if the weather is less than ideal.

Yorkshire99 on Pinterest says, “Watching this bus coming out of Needle’s Eye tunnel in the Black Hills, South Dakota, was entertaining enough, but after I took this shot, the bus driver pulled up next to me, proceeded to roll down his window and jokingly said to me, ‘I’m completely lost, which way is it to Mount Rushmore?'”

Source: Photo by yorkshire99 on fivehundredpx, Pinterest.



How Far Away Is Death?
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