December 21, 2018 | Marcus Miller

Joint Commission issues new alert clarifying expectations on your reporting culture!

The number one reason your organization needs a consistent, strong reporting culture is to save lives.  The second reason is that its expected by the Joint Commission.  Click this link for the new Joint Commission’s alert.

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Here is a list of the most common challenges TapRooT® will help you solve:

Unhealthy safety and reporting culture

Over exposure to workers comp

Deficient audit finding

High incident rates

Poorly trained or managed employees

Flawed Work Direction

Inferior policy and procedures

Communication issues

Inconsistent or imperfect processes and process improvement

TapRooT® is the comprehensive solution for continuous process improvement that creates a strong culture of safety and reporting.  TapRooT® will help you save lives and stay in compliance with Joint Commission’s mandate of having a strong reporting culture to improve safety systems.  TapRooT® diagnoses the root causes that allow mistakes, errors or failures lead to poor outcomes or, God forbid, sentinel events.  TapRooT® assists in prescribing the corrective actions that will cure those root causes and prevent you from dealing with those issues again.  Proactively, TapRooT® is used to diagnose root causes of audit findings to fix issues before they lead to harm.

TapRooT® has worked with the Joint Commission to ensure TapRooT® reporting is in compliance and accepted by the Joint Commission.  Implementation of TapRooT® is the treatment that will generate a robust safety culture for any organization.

To be fair, not every organization is a good fit for TapRooT®. But if you are frustrated with any of the above problems or if your people are blamed and punished for mistakes, I will make myself available for a quick discovery call to examine potential fit.  Contact me at



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