June 16, 2021 | Mark Paradies

Pre-Summit Courses and First Day of the 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit

Pre-Summit Courses

Alex Paradies Speaking

There were 8 Pre-Summit Courses and the feedback we received has been great.

The pictures above and below are from the Stopping Human Errors Course. It was a hybrid course and you can see the in-person and virtual attendees in the phone below.


Our tech folks and Whova experts did an excellent job of setting things up.

The Summit starts with the Name Game. It includes both the virtual attendees and the in-person attendees (above and below).

The Summit includes best practice and success story talks from TapRooT® Users. Below is a session that includes Shaun Holden from Weatherford and Jeff Gleason from Nine Energy Services.

Can’t wait to see the other talks as the day goes on!

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