January 12, 2009 | Dave Janney

Story tries to link the economy to safety performance….what do you think?

Here is the story:



“Workplace deaths in North Carolina rose in 2008 after three years of
declines, and officials worry that the nation’s sagging economy is
partly to blame.”

“Labor observers worry that companies could be cutting corners on
safety, making their workplaces more dangerous. Labor Department
spokeswoman Dolores Quesenberry said training and safety measures are
often among the first things cut from budgets.”

I don’t know if the rise in deaths in this state is tied to the economy or not; however, I have seen and heard about safety measures being cut during trying times.  As safety professionals, it is our job to stand up for the employees and to rise up against the bean-counters (unless they cut us first of course!)

Don’t get caught in this trap!  Today’s economy requires that a business runs smoothly; cutting back on things like safety, environment, and quality is not the answer.  Take a stand – attend a TapRooT® course in 2009, be proactive, solve problems, and SAVE the company money.  Show management how your efforts contribute to the bottom-line.  Here is the schedule:


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