October 25, 2018 | SRaycraft

TapRooT® FAQ – Renewing Your TapRooT® VI Subscription

Welcome to our new Technically Speaking FAQ series. Here you will find answers to common questions asked by our customers.

QUESTION: How do I renew my TapRooT® VI subscription?

Our customers will often email us or call us when they are trying to renew their software subscription in our store. When they sign in with their subscription username and password they get a failed login message.

When renewing the TapRooT® VI subscription, the need to enter a username and password is not required. When presented with the option to log in as a Returning Customer or to continue as a New Customer, always choose the New Customer Option (Express Checkout) to proceed.

If you have questions or issues you can reach the TapRooT® Support team at (865)357-0080.

TECHNICALLY SPEAKING is a weekly series that highlights various aspects of the TapRooT® VI software and occasionally includes a little Help Desk humor. REMEMBER, JUST BECAUSE IT’S TECHNICAL, IT DOESN’T MEAN IT HAS TO BE COMPLICATED!

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