January 14, 2019 | Barb Carr

TapRooT® for Healthcare: New patient safety book set helps stop repeat incidents!


We’re excited to announce the NEW TapRooT® Patient Safety Book Set is available for purchase in our online store. Authored by Ken Turnbull and Mark Paradies, the book provides healthcare professionals with knowledge of advance root cause analysis: the TapRooT® System. TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis can be used to reactively investigate and prevent repeat sentinel events or proactively to improve performance by finding and fixing a problem’s root causes before a medical error occurs.

About the Authors

Ken Turnbull started his career in fire safety, engineering, industrial safety, and process safety in the chemical and oil industry. After retiring as Corporate Safety Manager for Texaco (where he had used TapRooT®), Ken became a TapRooT® Instructor. Since then, he has helped people around the world improve their root cause analysis and stop repeat problems, including training over 500 healthcare professionals to use TapRooT® to stop patient safety events. His wife is a retired nurse practitioner, and his sister is an emergency medical physician – relationships which helped drive his interest in patient safety.

Mark Paradies has 38 years of experience in high reliability organizations, process safety, incident investigation, and root cause analysis. His career started as a leader in Admiral Rickover’s Nuclear Navy (where he earned Engineer Qualification). He also worked for DuPont in the areas of human factors, process safety, and performance improvement management before he started System Improvements. In 1993, after his mother suffered from a sentinel event, he started System Improvements’ efforts to improve patient safety.

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