February 26, 2021 | Mark Paradies

Texas Blackout – Time for Advanced Root Cause Analysis?

Texas Grid Was 4 Minutes and 37 Seconds From a Statewide Blackout

Texas experienced rolling blackouts and full blackouts in some areas. How many died? At least 16 froze to death in Harris County according to an article I read.

Here’s a video about how close Texas came to a multi-week, state-wide blackout…

Thus, the multiple fatalities could have been worse. How much worse? Maybe dozens or even hundreds. This good ole boy tries to explain it…

He even mentions root causes!

Time for Advanced Root Causes Analysis?

Should ERCOT (the reliability council for the Texas grid) be using advanced root cause analysis to prevent future blackouts?

To understand advanced root cause analysis, see this link to first understand the fundamentals of root cause analysis:

Fundamentals of Root Cause Analysis

Find Out More About TapRooT® RCA

Want to find out more about advanced root cause analysis? You need to learn about the TapRooT® System.

TapRooT® RCA has embedded expert systems to understand the causes of human error and equipment failure.

To learn more, attend one of our upcoming courses. See the course descriptions HERE. And see the upcoming course dates and locations around the world HERE.

The TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System is used around the world to find and fix the root causes of:

  • Safety Incidents
  • Equipment Reliability Issues
  • Human Errors
  • Process Safety Events
  • Accidental Environments Releases
  • Regulatory Compliance Issues
  • Service Quality Issues
  • Manufacturing Quality Escapes
  • Hospital Sentinel Events
  • Aviation Near-Misses

If you would like to talk to a TapRooT® Expert to find out more about how TapRooT® RCA can help your company improve performance … call us at 865-539-2139 or CLICK HERE to contact us by e-mail.

But DON’T WAIT! Every day you don’t apply advanced root cause analysis (TapRooT®) is a missed opportunity to stop future incidents and maybe a major accident. Start investigating precursor incidents to prevent major accidents.

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