August 4, 2010 | Mark Paradies

The Ugly Effects of Budget Cuts

I was talking to a root cause analyst the other day and they couldn’t see how budget cuts could cause a major accident (like BP Deepwater Horizon or BP Texas City). I had trouble explaining it because the cause-effect relationship is not direct.

Then I was talking to someone that wanted to attend the TapRooT® Summit. They said they couldn’t attend because the company had a new initiative to “cut costs.”

That got me thinking …

What if that person needed to attend the Summit because they were going to learn some best practice that could improve performance at their facility and prevent a major accident? If they don’t attend, they don’t learn. Then the accident is NOT prevented. Cost cutting has caused a major accident and nobody will ever know.

If you were thinking about attending the Summit but have had trouble because of budget cuts, ask again. Don’t let a budget cut stop you from your destiny – attending the Summit to prevent a major accident at your facility.

That small saving by not attending the Summit might be an expensive mistake that costs your company millions (or even billions) of dollars.


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