July 13, 2022 | Mark Paradies

When & How To Use a Checklist

The RooT® Cause Tree® & Dictionary Provide the Basics

When should you have a procedure for a task? That’s easy. See pages 46-49 of Root Cause Tree® Dictionary (Nineth Edition). It even defines what a “procedure” is on page 48.

Root Cause Tree® Dictionary

What can lead to errors using a procedure? Look at the root causes under the three Basic Cause Categories in the Procedures section of the Root Cause Tree® Diagram (shown at the top of the page – Copyright 2015 by System Improvements. Used by Permission. Duplication Prohibited.)

Not Followed/Not Used provides root causes for not using a procedure.

Wrong provides reasons for making an error while using a procedure because the procedure was wrong.

Followed Incorrectly provides reasons that someone might make a mistake because of the way the procedure is written.

Proactively Using the TapRooT® System

The simple examples above should give you ideas about using the TapRooT® Root Cause Tree® Diagram to spot problems and fix them BEFORE incidents or accidents happen.

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Students working on an exercise in a TapRooT® RCA Course.
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