May 3, 2021 | Susan Napier-Sewell

Effective Listening Skills Inventory for Investigative Interviews: A Virtual Pre-Summit at the 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit

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Learn how to inventory your listening skills. Your work, your communication style, your success rate will reflect the changes you’ve made in your investigative interviews.

Do you ever interrupt someone because you fear “losing” what you want to say? Do you become momentarily engrossed in your thoughts, then return to reality to find someone awaiting your answer to a question you didn’t hear? Most of us are at fault for interrupting or being distracted from time to time. Particularly, though, in an interview environment where focus is key, distractions or interruptions can be detrimental to the interview.

Watch, listen, learn from this TapRooT® TV conversation with Barb Carr and Benna Hughes about investigative interviews and an inventory that can really make a difference in your work

Now, learn how to inventory your listening skills. Internalizing suggestions can recalibrate your thought and communication processes. Your work and your communication style will reflect the changes you’ve made in your investigative interviews.

Next, read Barb’s post, Investigative Interviewing: Good Technique Makes a Difference. Then watch Barb and Benna discuss Barb’s Evidence Collection and Interviewing course in the below video.

Take advantage of a trio of TapRooT® tools designed to hone interviewing and investigative skills: a course, a webinar, and a book 

System Improvements developed these tools—the course, webinar, and book—to specifically address the needs of those who investigate workplace incidents. The best investigators quickly learn that intimidating interrogation tactics don’t prove effective in workplace incident investigations as they discourage the interviewee from providing critical information that helps the investigator get to the root cause of the incident.

Two advanced skills included in the TapRooT® interviewing process that will dramatically improve interviewing skills are quickly building rapport with a witness and facilitating memory retrieval.

Often, evidence collection procedures start with witness statements and interviews that guide the investigator to other types of evidence to collect. However, an investigative interview can be a difficult task because of the emotional stress faced by a witness.

The TapRooT® 12-Step Interviewing Process is a proven, systematic approach that will improve investigation interviews. Productive interviews help investigators collect the quality and quantity of information necessary to determine root causes and prevent future incidents.

Enroll in the TapRooT® Evidence Collection and Investigation Interviewing Training Course, offered virtually at the 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit

The TapRooT® Evidence Collection and Investigation Interviewing Training Course is currently available as a virtual Pre-Summit course (June 14-15) at the 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit, June 14-18, in Knoxville, Tennessee. The course is chock-full of beneficial and applicable interview techniques.

You may also request TapRooT® to teach this course to your company on-site, simultaneously training a significant number of team members in a 1-day or 2-day course. 

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