June 26, 2013 | Mark Paradies

Root Cause Analysis Tip: Equipment Troubleshooting … What’s Your Approach?

Before you can start the analysis of the root causes of equipment problems, you need to troubleshoot the equipment failure to find out what happened.

Some companies do this by using “smart people”.

Others hire outside tech reps to handle their most difficult problems.

I’ve even seen a company that keeps a retired employee on contract to provide expert guidance.

But the majority have NO APPROACH AT ALL. Well at least nothing more than blindly replacing parts until something works.

TapRooT® users have a resource that others don’t. An expert in a box.

What? Well … we’ve taken the expertise of Heinz Bloch (and some others) and built it into our TapRooT® Software.

It’s like having an expert equipment troubleshooter in a box.

Just follow the troubleshooting guidance and learn much more about what is causing equipment problems.

What’s even better is that the expert in a box can also be used proactively before a failure occurs to help keep equipment failures from happening.

Where can you learn about Equifactor® and TapRooT®?

At one of the 3-Day TapRooT® / Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis Courses that we hold around the world.

CLICK HERE for more information about our courses and course locations.

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