Psychology of Improvement Track

The Psychology of Improvement Track is a new option for 2024. Understanding the mind and worker behavior is helpful to safety and incident investigations.

Safety is largely a state of mind, and understanding human behavior makes it easier to conduct an effective investigation. Foster your critical thinking skills, improve communication skills and learn about what drives your workers.

Attend the whole track, or just a few topics of interest.

Learn About Each Session In This Track...

Psychology of a Crisis: Your Crisis Management Plan
Authentic Investigating
Improving Sensory Safety to Support Neurodiverse Workers
Reset & Recharge
Lesson for Improving Human Performance & Safety (Live Podcast)
Psychological Safety: Building a Stronger HSE Culture
Advanced EI: Emotion Regulation in Dialectical Behavior Skills
Investigative Interviewing: The Psychology of Nonverbal Communication
TBD - Dr. S. Camille Peres