May 3, 2021 | Tim Diggs

TapRooT® Executive Leadership Course


Research indicates 85% of continuous improvement initiatives suffer major decline within 5 years. Only 15% of initiatives hold their improvements or continue positive trends. So what is different about the 15% of the sustained and successful programs? Leadership!

Leadership’s involvement and understanding of the program and the role they play in the initiative is invaluable in attaining sustained results and positive ROI’s from any program we implement.

Leadership must be involved.

Your TapRooT® Program implementation is no different. As powerful as the TapRooT® System is in identifying the true causes of an incident and installing effective corrective actions to address and prevent future incidents, your leadership team must be involved.

Leaders want to understand the big picture so they know what is needed from them. They want to ask the right questions when presented a TapRooT® Investigation Report, and know the answer to questions like these:

  • Who needs to be on the TapRooT® Team?
  • How do we lead and support that team?
  • How long should we expect a TapRooT® Investigation to take?
  • How to ensure a consistent investigation quality?
  • What other areas does the company need to utilize TapRooT®?

Leadership wants to offer support to ensure the company enjoys continuous improvement and returns from the TapRooT® Program.

This course was designed for leaders.

The 6-hour TapRooT® Executive Leadership Course will prompt Leadership to think differently when presented with investigation reports. They will be armed with the questions that they as leaders need to ask. They’ll know what a strong corrective action is when they hear it. They’ll understand these causes and fixes are arrived at through a systematic process as well as understand what resources are needed from them during an investigation and through corrective action installations.

The TapRooT® Executive Leadership Course will:

  • provide an understanding of the TapRooT® Investigation process
  • detail senior leadership’s role in supporting the TapRooT® Program and investigators
  • provide expectations of sustained results from a TapRooT® Implementation.

As one executive described:

“Using this framework gives us assurance we have asked all of the questions, that we do a comprehensive analysis, assurance we have not forgotten or omitted things.  Puts me, as a leader, to asses what we are presented with, how we make sure it does not happen again.  Drive the [safeguard] hierarchy to the top [in our corrective actions].”

Whether TapRooT® is new to your company or not, giving your Senior Leadership the opportunity to see and understand their roles will ensure your improvement and TapRooT® Programs are sustained and successful.

“It is important to take the time to do it right, do not jump to conclusions, to go deep. We are not getting to the point to go deep [with our current process]. Leaders go away saying guys you have to do this and here is why. [Leaders] must understand the why.”

Learn more about this course below or contact us about scheduling a course.

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