May 19, 2021 | Mark Paradies

Do You Know Why Your Maintenance Technicians Make Human Errors?

Why Do Maintenance Technicians Make Human Errors?

Did you:

  • Counseled your technicians to be more careful?
  • Give them a pre-job brief?
  • Make sure they had the standard maintenance technician training?

and they still made a mistake. Looks like it’s time for discipline. What else do you have in your bag of tricks to get better human performance?

If the paragraph above seems familiar, perhaps you need to know more about WHY maintenance technicians make mistakes … human errors.

The Biggest Cause of Failed Equipment

Equipment failure

Would it surprise you to learn that over 85% of equipment failures were caused by human errors? Error made by:

  • Maintenance Technicians/Mechanics/Pipefitters…
  • Operators
  • Engineers, or even
  • Supervisors

And we have found that over 95% of people investigating equipment failures have NO TRAINING about human factors (the science of why people make mistakes).

Why Do People Make Mistakes?

Would you like to know why maintenance technicians (or others) make mistakes? If the answer is “Yes!” then you need to attend one of our TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Courses.

They will teach you how to find the root causes of human errors that cause equipment failures. The 2-Day Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting and TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course is focused on the equipment failure side of things and is designed for people with an interest in equipment troubleshooting and equipment failure analysis.

If you are interested in being proactive to prevent human errors, you should attend our Stopping Human Error Training. It goes beyond the human error analysis techniques built into the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System and shows you why human errors occur and what you can do to stop them. This new course is designed for people who want to develop a program to proactively stop people from making mistakes by applying the science of human factors engineering. It also teaches why some commonly applied techniques DON’T WORK. And the next Stopping Human Error Course is coming up on June 14-15. It is being held in-person and VIRTUALLY (take your pick). We call this a Hybrid Course.

alex teaching stopping human error

2-Day Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting and TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course

This course teaches Heinz Bloch’s troubleshooting techniques combined with the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Techniques in a Hybrid course. When is it? June 14-15. The in-person course is being held in Knoxville, TN.

For more course details, see THIS LINK.

And to register for the course on June 14-15, CLICK HERE.

Proof That TapRooT® Works – The Course Guarantee

How do you KNOW that TapRooT® Training works? Our courses are guaranteed. Here’s the Guarantee for our 5-Day TapRooT® Course:

Attend this course, go back to work, and use what you have learned.  If you don’t find root causes that you previously would have overlooked and if you and your management don’t agree that the corrective actions that you recommend are much more effective, just return your course materials and we will refund the entire course fee.

More About Human Error & Root Cause Analysis

If you would like to know more about how TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis works, and the causes of human error, see the link below…

Is Human Error a Root Cause? (Updated)

Or watch Benna and Ken discuss analyzing an equipment failure caused by human error using the TapRooT® Software in this video…

Don’t wait to register for one of our courses. Human errors are expensive and you need to stop them pronto. We hope to see you at one of our courses in Knoxville, TN. in June.

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