January 28, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Monday Accident & Lessons Learned: Cost of a Marine Accident (Oil Spill)

It was December 7th.

Samsung, an industrial giant, was responsible for a crane on a barge that was being towed by two tug boats.

The weather was bad.

The seas were rough.

The barge broke loose from the tugs.

Now for the bad news … there was an oil supertanker anchored nearby.

With the whole ocean available for the barge to float in, what happens? It hits the supertanker that is at anchor, makes three holes, and spills 10,900 tons of oil.

But what can we all learn from this accident? Read about the protests and even suicides in the wake of the oil spill:


Picture 5-1

Also: http://www.energycurrent.com/?id=4&storyid=8266

Click Read More to see video and another story link.

Also, see this video:

Sometimes the public relations results of an accident can be just as bad as the damage from the “crash.”

Next, note that Korean prosecutors are making sure that everyone is facing legal prosecution. Even though they can’t agree how to divide the compensation for the accident, they can agree that BLAME should be spread around to all those involved.

One more note …

Do you think the corporate board at Samsung was interested in the simple operation of towing a barge with a crane on it prior to December 7th? How interested are they today?

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