August 22, 2007 | Mark Paradies

Skype Failure Provides Opportunity for IT Root Cause Analysis – Are Any Geeks Interested?

The recent Skype outage provided some interesting fodder for root cause analysis. See the incident description at this link:

The best “network” root cause analyst I know is Gerald Starling. He is a TapRooT® User who learned to find real root causes (rather than symptoms) while working at BellSouth.

With network/IT reliability being such a big issue in the internet age, you would think that more IT folks would be applying advanced root cause analysis and get beyond troubleshooting symptoms. Unfortunately, most people think they have found a root cause when they find a piece of code that can be fixed that stops the problem. Thus they stop at the symptom (Causal Factor in TapRooT®ese) and never fix the true root causes.

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