May 14, 2020 | Susan Napier-Sewell

New: The Complete TapRooT® RCA Book Set Is Live In the Store

We’ve learned and taught a lot in the last 30 years.

Now, all 10 TapRooT® Books can be yours in one set

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Thirty years of learning, research, and development about:

  • root cause analysis,
  • human performance,
  • interviewing & evidence collection,
  • equipment troubleshooting,
  • performance measures & trending, and
  • performance improvement

have gone into the latest set of TapRooT® Books. The collection is called the Complete TapRooT® RCA Book Set. 

Earlier this year, we completed the last book (we began writing the set in 2014) in the TapRooT® Book Series: Book 10, Stopping Human Error. With the last book done, we’ve now made the complete set of 10 TapRooT® Books available at the TapRooT® Store.

Convenience and a deal of a price:
The 10 TapRooT® Book Set + the latest
Root Cause Tree®, the Root Cause Tree® Dictionary,
and the Corrective Action Helper® Guide

It’s your own TapRooT® Reference Set … offered at an incredible price. You’ll have the best collection of root cause analysis tools, full of life’s lessons in problem-solving, that you can’t find anywhere else.

Here is what you will receive with your purchase of the set: 

Of course, you will also receive the latest Root Cause Tree®, the Root Cause Tree® Dictionary, and Corrective Action Helper® Guide, with the 10-book set.

Click on the links above for information about each book. Watch this video for more information about the 10-book-set…

Save When You Buy the Whole 10-Book-Set

Let’s talk savings … The total price when purchasing each book separately is $1,019.50. When you purchase the 10 books together, your cost is JUST $695. That’s more than a 30% savings.

Order your set of 10 TapRooT® Books today and keep your TapRooT® knowledge up to date!

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