March 31, 2021 | Mark Paradies

Top 10 Reasons

To attend the 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit

If you’ve attended a Global TapRooT® Summit in the past, you know why you should attend in 2021. But for those who need reasons to convince your boss that you should be allowed to attend, then one or more of the “Top 10 Reasons” listed below should be just what you need! Read on….

Reason 10: Maintain Certified Instructor Status

If you are a Certified TapRooT® Instructor for your company, you know that you need to attend the Summit at least once every two years. Last year, because of COVID, we allowed instructors to miss the Summit. But this year you must attend to maintain your certification. AND YOU CAN ATTEND VIRTUALLY!

Reason 9: Maintain Motivation

Continuous improvement … Does the need to continuously improve safety, quality, production, asset reliability, or other aspects of performance ever leave you feeling burned out? If so, the Summit is a great place to leave burnout behind and get motivated.

Shannon Miler … Olympic Gold Medalist

Do you think you need motivation to win an Olympic Gold Medal? Listen to Gold Medalist Shannon Miller’s talk, “The Gold Medal Mindset.”

Or maybe you would be motivated by the story of someone who went from poverty to being a great athlete only to lose it all BUT to find out what is really important in life. That’s what Inky Johnson will explain in his talk. But don’t take my word for it. Gentry Estes of the Courier-Journal wrote an article titled: “Why Ink Johnson is the most inspirational athlete I’ve ever covered.”

That’s just two of the Keynote Speakers that will help you keep motivated to make your company a better place to work.

Reason 8: Share and Learn Best Practices

The Global TapRooT® Summit is where leaders from around the world gather to share best practices that they use to achieve success. The Summit kicks off by playing the Name Game to help you meet people to learn best practices. And this session will help you meet people virtually and in-person. The in the next session, TapRooT® Users Share Success Stories/Best Practices. You will hear success stories from:

  • Shawn Holden – Weatherford
  • Tammy Masciolo, Thermofisher Scientific
  • Jeff Gleason, Nine Energy Service

And that’s just the start. See the whole Summit schedule at the button below:

Reason 7: Meet the TapRooT® Staff

Who could you meet and ask your toughest questions to? The whole TapRooT® Staff, including:

  • Mark Paradies
  • Linda Unger
  • Ken Reed
  • Marcus Miller
  • Rick Hulse
  • Alex Paradies
  • Tim Diggs
  • Stephanie Tipton
  • Michelle Wishon
  • Benna Hughes
  • Becky Marambio
  • Dan Verlinde
  • Angie Comer
  • Barb Carr

Plus many of our contract instructors from around the world.

Reason 6: Learn from Regulators

We are bringing a different perspective to the 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit – the REGULATORY (Compliance) perspective. There is a Compliance Best Practice Track, and a session focusing on the regulatory perspective:

Accident, negligence, or knowing conduct?
How federal criminal law enforcement
views environmental incidents.

Presenters: Mike Fisher, Director, Legal Counsel Division, Office of Criminal Enforcement, Forensics, & Training, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Tyler Amon, Special Agent-in-Charge, EPA Regions 1&2, U.S. EPA Criminal Investigation Division; Matt Goers, Resident Agent-in-Charge, Alaska Resident Office, U.S. EPA Criminal Investigation Division.

Reason 5: Meet Improvement Experts

The Summit is a brain trust of experts who know how to improve performance. And the best part about the Summit is that you meet them and have one-on-one discussions (even virtually one-on-one using the Whova app).

Reason 4: Networking with Peers

Improvement professionals from all over the world attend the Global TapRooT® Summit. This year, because the Summit will include virtual participants, we expect even more world-wide participation. What kinds of countries and industries will be represented? See this LINK for some ideas on the industries represented and this LINK for the countries that participate.

Reason 3: Solve Your Toughest Problems

What problem do you desperately need to solve? A behavior issue? Too many human errors? Investigations taking too long? Lack of management support?

Whatever issue is bugging you, bring it to the Summit. Network with others and see if they have experience solving the issue. You might be surprised and go back to work with ideas for a solution that someone else has already proven to work.

Reason 2: Get New Ideas to Improve Performance

The Summit is a great place to get new ideas to:

  • Improve safety
  • Boost quality
  • Stop fatalities
  • Enhance asset reliability
  • Increase productivity
  • Learn work/life balance
  • Improve communication skills

Reason 1: Develop a Roadmap to Success

The final session at the Summit (just before the last Keynote Speaker) helps you plan your improvement initiative by developing a Roadmap to Success.

Many people have told us that this is the MOST valuable part of the Summit. Don’t miss it. Participate and go back to work with a plan to improve.

BONUS 1: Have Fun!

For those who come to Knoxville, be ready to have fun. Downtown Knoxville is a great place to visit.

But we are also planning ways for virtual attendees to have fun. Be ready for the virtual happy hour!

BONUS 2: Take a Pre-Summit Course

Combine a Pre-Summit Course with your Summit experience and double your learning. What courses are available? Here’s the list…

In-Person ONLY Courses

Virtual ONLY Courses

Courses Either In-Person OR Virtual

For more course information, see THIS LINK.

BONUS 3: Save Money

Register for a course and the Summit or register multiple people at the same time and SAVE!

SAVE at the Summit


Even if your company doesn’t allow travel, there is NO EXCUSE for not attending the 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit. Why?

  1. The Summit is business-critical. You need to attend to continue to improve and save lives, stop injuries, improve quality, …
  2. You don’t have to travel. Attending in person is preferred BUT you can attend virtually if your company still bans travel.
  3. ROI for attending the Summit is Guaranteed! Attend the 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit. Go back to work and implement your roadmap to success. If you don’t save 10 times the cost of your attendance at the Summit, let us know and return your Summit materials and we will refund 100% of the Summit registration fee. This guarantee shows how certain we are that you will learn valuable best practices to take your team’s performance—and that of your whole organization—to the next level.

Register TODAY!

Use THIS LINK to register.

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